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Sita Ramam is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language period melodic heartfelt show movie composed and coordinated by Hanu Raghavapudi and created by Vyjayanthi Movies and Swapna Cinema. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur (in her Telugu debut), Rashmika Mandanna and Sumanth. Set in 1964, Lieutenant Ram, a vagrant armed force official serving at Kashmir line, gets mysterious love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi. Slam is determined to track down Sita and propose his affection. Youo can Download Sita Ramam Full Movie in Telugu 720p | 1080p from ExtraMovies and ExtraMovies Casa.

Head photography started in April 2021 and occurred in Kashmir, Russia and Hyderabad. The film has music formed by Vishal Chandrasekhar, cinematography by P. S. Vinod and Shreyaas Krishna and altering by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. Sita Ramam was delivered dramatically on 5 August 2022. The film arose as a basic and business achievement, netting over ₹75 crore in the cinematic world. Download from Advance Servers for free.

Story and Others

In 1964, Mujahideen, a Pakistani radical, doesn’t support the loving relationship of Kasmiri Muslims and Hindus. He anticipates cutting off the bond and isolating them. He firmly accepts that the Indian Army is the justification for the solidarity. He turns to conditioning young people in Pakistan and sends them to Kashmir. He advices them to live in camouflage to make his arrangements work. Also, read Sita Ramam cast & Crew details.

In 1985, Afreen is a furious Pakistani-based troublemaker in London, who disdains anything about India. She burns down the vehicle of an Indian giver, Anand Mehta, in reprisal for consuming Pakistan’s banner. The administration leading body of her college requests that she apologize to him. As Afreen could do without to express sorry to Indians, the altruist gives her two decisions: either to give him 1 million (10 lakhs INR) as pay or go to jail. Being a difficult and proud loyalist, she chooses to repay him and returns to Pakistan to meet her granddad, Pakistan Army Brigadier Tariq, for giving her the cash to remunerate him. In any case, upon her appearance in Pakistan, she figures out that her granddad died. In his will, he requests that she convey a letter, which he proved unable, written in 1965, by Indian Army Lieutenant Ram to his darling, Sita Mahalakshmi of India. Upon effectively doing as such, she will acquire his abundance. However relucant from the start, Afreen consents to convey the letter to her, so she can acquire Tariq’s abundance.

She goes to Hyderabad looking for Sita. She is joined by Balaji, her senior at the college in London. She arrives at the location, just to view that as a women school. She asks Subramaniyam, who has been working there for over twenty years, about Sita. He lets Afreen know that the school was the illustrious royal residence of the Nawab of Hyderabad whenever which was given by Princess Noor Jahan for the training of young ladies. He additionally adds that no one with the name of Sita was there, a long time back. Dumbfounded, Afreen can’t track down Sita with next to no subtleties. After getting a thought, she goes looking for Ram, all things being equal, and gets to the know the location of Lieutenant Vikas Varma, who was in Ram’s regiment, in Kashmir. Afreen after gathering him, gets some information about Ram. She later meets Ram’s companion Durjoy Sharma and Ram’s prevalent Vishnu Sharma and learns Ram’s story. Download Sita Ramam Full Movie in Telugu 720p | 1080p very easily on your mobile.

In 1964, Mujahideen, who sent the youngsters to Kashmir, provides them with the whereabouts of the Indian Army. Major Selvan, subsequent to coming to be familiar with them, arranges the military to catch and kill the Pakistani teens, as they can think twice about security of the Indians, in Kashmir. Notwithstanding, their arrangement misfires as Kashmiri Muslims, nearby, who considered the adolescents their own, went after each trooper answerable for killing the young people. Realizing that this would occur, Mujahideen ventures over into Kashmir and conditions the Kashmiri Muslims.

Shooting Locations & Cast

The rankled Muslims set fire on the places of Kashmiri Pandits in Agarta. Smash, mindful that they are affected by Mujahideen, attempts to stop them. Smash catches the witness and uncovers reality to the Kashmiri Muslims. In the wake of coming to know about reality, they apologize for attempting to impel a strict mob and help the Indian Army in extinguishing the flames. This becomes public news and everyone comes to be familiar with this. Moreover, Ram and his kindred regiment mates become public legends. If you want to Download Sita Ramam Full Movie in Telugu 720p | 1080p, then you are in right place. Download this movies from from ExtraMovies and ExtraMovies Casa.

An Indian journalist, Vijayalakshmi, comes to meet with them, through which she comes to realize that Ram is a vagrant. The following day, on the radio, she educates everyone concerning Ram and requests that everybody in India send their affection to him. Therefore, Ram gets a great deal of letters from individuals across India, recognizing him as their own sibling and child. He is excited to realize that he presently has a major family and starts composing letters to answer to every one of them. One of them is a letter, composed by Sita Mahalakshmi, tending to him as her significant other. He is shocked and consistently gets letters from her with no location.

At some point, Vikas and he accept similar train as Sita, in light of the moment subtleties given by her in the letters. He look through the whole train and can see as her. He rehashes a conundrum, written in her letter, with the goal that she can remember him. He gives her his companion’s landline number and leaves the train. Upon his landing in his companion, Durjoy Sharma’s home, he becomes acquainted with that the telephone has been dead for seven days. Sita comes looking for Ram, at Durjoy’s home. They meet and Ram snaps a photo of her, cautiously.

She leaves once more without giving him a location. Slam then goes to an enchanted show looking for Sita and meets her companion, who uncovers that Sita has been composing many letters to him yet posted just not many of them. He becomes more acquainted with that Sita is a dance educator, living in Princess Noor Jahan’s castle in Hyderabad, to show her Kathak. He enters the castle with the assistance of Subramaniyam and meets Sita. He discovers that he saved her from riots, in Agarta, and that it was her most memorable experience with him. Nonetheless, he couldn’t see her face in those days.

It is subsequently uncovered that, Sita is, in all honesty, Princess Noor Jahan. Her marriage collusion is fixed with the Prince of Oman, to save her family’s plants and organizations that were caught in Oman. She goes to say her last farewell to Ram, however winds up going with him the following four days, where they meet his family (the ones that thought of him the letters). Sita and Ram are, a their spied by a columnist pictures together. Afterward, Ram drops off Sita at the castle and passes on to Kashmir. The photos get distributed in the paper, uncovering the Princess’ affection for an everyday person. Sita uncovers to her sibling that the news is valid and drops her coalition. She passes on to Kashmir for Ram. They hang out and Noor meets Ram’s kindred mates, as Sita. They go to supper and meet Vishnu Sharma and his loved ones. Be that as it may, they are gone after by the young person looking for retribution for the prior experiences. They catch him and acquire the exact area of Mujahideen. Slam guarantees the young person that he will safeguard his more youthful sister, Vaheeda, from Mujahideen.

The military plans a mysterious mission, to firearm down Mujahideen, and furthermore cautions the officers that assuming they get found out, they will be repudiated by the military and pronounced as double crossers. Smash, Vishnu Sharma, and his group leave for the activity, by crossing the Indian line, and effectively execute Mujahideen. In any case, Brigadier Tariq gets frightened by the flames that began because of the cross-terminating, and begins for their area. Slam and his group are going to leave, when Ram hears a cry of a young lady and understands that it is of Vaheeda’s. He goes in to save her.

Be that as it may, Ram, alongside Vishnu Sharma, are caught by the Pakistan Army, while different troopers escape effectively. Smash gives up Vaheeda to Brigadier Tariq. They are tormented savagely to uncover the directions to the Indian Army base, in Kashmir, however the Army General has compassion for Ram and Vishnu, and furnishes them with care. The Pakistani fighters, at some point, while utilizing animal power on them, can get Vishnu to uncover the directions of the Indian armed force base to them, in return for his opportunity and not hurting his loved ones. Vishnu gets delivered, however they hang Ram, to dishearten the Indian armed force. The Indian armed force bases in Kashmir are obliterated, thus, and Ram is marked as a deceiver. Before his execution, Ram composes a letter to Sita and asks the Army General to convey it to her.

In 1985, Afreen discovers that the Army General was truth be told her granddad, Tariq. Moreover, the youngster, whose life was saved by Ram during the fire, is Afreen herself. A changed Afreen, with overwhelming sadness, conveys the letter to Sita, through Balaji, where they find out about Ram’s blamelessness and furthermore finds the news cut-out connected to it, about “Princess Noor Jahan of Hyderabad being infatuated with an everyday person”. Both Afreen and Balaji understand that Ram knew about Sita’s actual way of life as a Muslim and couldn’t have cared less. Unfortunately, with Ram’s letter and Afreen, as proof and witness, an enquiry is requested on Vishnu Sharma and his regiment. Be that as it may, out of shame, he shoots himself with his administration pistol. Sita figures out how to effectively defend Ram and reestablish his name and distinction in the Indian Army.

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